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Services Offered at Contact Photo Arts

Upload your photos


Foto Depot makes it easy to upload your photos from anywhere and then order prints or photo gifts. Your uploaded photos are also archived and can be returned if your copies are lost or damaged! There is no cost to upload your favorite photos for safe keeping - the only cost is the photo prints or gifting items you order. You pay when you pick up your order. Shipping available.

Passport photos

Passport photos - no appointment required

Planning a trip? Come in anytime for your passport photo - Our professional staff will make sure that your photos meet the requirements set out by the Government of Canada. For details on what the rules are for Canadian passport photos, please go to Passport Canada.

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About Foto Source

Foto Source is a community-based alliance of professional experts in the photographic market, dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing superior service and value in retailing leading imaging products through planned and effective group buying and creative marketing.

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Cameras, Binoculars & Accessories

Yes! We sell binoculars! We also carry a selection of cameras as well as bags, tripods, rechargeable batteries and chargers, memory cards, card readers international adaptor plugs, and more. We also have a huge selection of picture frames, and the expertise to help you select the best one for your photo.

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327-72 Ave Grand Forks, BC
(250) 442-5633